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And you know you're part of a special fandom when the anniversary of the first episode of a show that has been off the air for several years is cause for celebration.

I don't think I watched the first episode when is aired back in October of 2006, but I know that by December, I'd seen ALL of Season 1, and I was flailing wildly in anticipation for Season 2. 

Other than PotC, this is the fandom that really showed me what it was like to be part of a fandom community.  This is one of those fandoms where I'll jump into -land communities without a second thought, sign up for Big Bangs and other challenges, and drive all over Southern CA so I can meet up with people I've only talked to online.  Of course, this is also the show that showed me just how much I'm prone to crying over character deaths, the show that made me weep copiously and embarrassingly in front of EVERYONE more times than I can count.  It's the show that made me so furious I had to pause the download and rant at it for every episode of the third season, and it's the show that killed everyone I loved most in sometimes narratively unsatisfying ways.

But then... it's the show that gave me one of my most beloved OTPs, made "I'm not being funny, but..." part of my everyday conversations, made me smile every time I think of Allan being good with nuns, and made me melt every time I think of Certain Lines that Certain People Named Guy utter before riding back into Nottingham and Certain Death.  (Except the death isn't really certain because this is RH and not ASoIaF.)

This is the fandom that made me write long fic again after only writing drabbles and vignettes for a long while.  (And yes, I WILL write that Wolf's Head sequel one of these days... just not this year. Maybe next.)

This is one of those fandoms that, if we share it, will instantly make me want to be your friend.

This is one of those fandoms that, if someone says, "Hey, I'd kind of like to watch that show..." I'll be there on the couch next to them with my DVD's in hand faster than they can blink. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is... I love this silly little show, and I LOVE its awesome fandom.  You guys are the most wonderful, thoughtful, creative people I could have asked to associate with.
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Title: It Won't Be Easy
Spoilers: AU ending for "The Enemy of My Enemy," so I suppose there might be some spoilers for that episode.
Pairing: Guy/Meg
Summary: Against all odds, Meg lived. Now Guy has to figure out what he feels for the girl who helped remind him who he is.
Genre: Fluff. Pure, unadulterated fluff.
Rating: PG
Word Count:1646
Disclaimer: Robin Hood is copyright to Tiger Aspect and the BBC. All Rights Reserved. No copyright infringement is intended, and no money is being made.
Author's Notes: I wrote this for the [ profile] lordgisborne community's Woobiefest 2012 that's going on right now. (If Guy isn't the textbook definition of a woobie, I don't know who it.) Also, I wrote this because I needed something sweet in my life with all the pain my other fandoms are putting me through.

In some ways, it had been easier when he thought she was dying. )
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So for my birthday last Friday, we got a visit from [ profile] noirrosaleen and her wonderful husband D., who has been my friend since I was a junior in high school. It was lovely to have them come stay with us for a change! We mostly just hung around our place and went to the mall and played games and enjoyed each others' company.

For my birthday/their anniversary, we went to Buca di Beppo because [ profile] noirrosaleen had never been there before. It was a good call, because it was delicious, and the restaurant had someone wandering around taking photographs that they then offered to sell to us. Rae and I bought some because we don't have ANY framed pictures of just the two of us, and the photographer actually managed to get a really nice shot of us together.

We played a lot of Game of Things, and another friend of ours, R., also came , and when we were at the mall, D. bought me used copies of all three Dragon Age games because he's awesome about feeding my addictive personality that way. (Side note: WHY have I not been playing this since the second I got a PS3? I'm having SO much fun making decisions and getting characters to like me... And I get to run around as a hot elf.)

Other things I got for my birthday included a lovely gift set from Lush, a check from my parents, and two lovely digital gifts:

[ profile] ladykate63 made me a sparkly Guy/Marian banner with a shot from "Walkabout" (since we didn't get to watch that one at the meetup). *hugs* I love her... and the entire RH fandom.

[ profile] aletheiafelinea, who apparently saw one of my many pleas for something, anything, with Anamaria and Theodore Groves in one place... and gave me just that. She whipped up this lovely background of Groves and Anamaria. I think I almost woke up our houseguest with my squeeing when I saw this. *flails a little* Oh, my darling ship where the two people involved never appear in screen together... *looks at picture again* *grins* I love you.

Life has been pretty calm, otherwise. School #2 started today, and I had 58 people wanting two spots. Cuts to community college funding are awesome.

Also, my next post will be titled "ASoIaF Ate My Brain." Because it has. I'm about five chapters into ACOK, and I'm already in a constant state of low-level panic on behalf of everyone I care about.
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Last night, I had the pleasure of getting to meet up with some Robin Hood fans from all over the world. Seems there's a Xena convention going on in Burbank, and that the attendees included quite a few RH fans as well. When [ profile] ladykate63 asked me if I wanted to drive over and join RH night at Xena Con, I was all over it.

A group of us met in the lobby of the Burbank Marriott, and then proceeded over to the hotel restaurant, where I had a yummy seared ahi salad, which was exactly what I needed after a day of eating nothing green at all. We talked about favorite characters and other fandoms and experiences being in fandom... There was a lot of, "Oh! You're the one who wrote that thing I remember reading..." And "you watched that too? Awesome!"

After dinner, we went up to someone's room and tried to hook up a portable DVD player so that we could watch a couple of RH episodes together. This was easier said than done. We ended up having to call the front desk and get someone to come up to the room and fix it for us. (The answer may have looked obvious, but it really wasn't.)

We ended up watching two season 1 episodes since we didn't have a copy of season 2, and no one seemed to be particularly interested in watching a season 3 ep. First was "A Thing or Two About Loyalty," which is an awesome "Guy is morally ambiguous" episode. He makes bad choices here, but I've always found the bit about him choosing power over friendship really heartbreaking, especially when he was almost going to let Marian help him do the right thing. ("Almost" is kind of the story of Guy's life... He's always just on the edge of making the right choice before failing utterly at being human. The fail usually happens after having a chat with the Sheriff where Vasey invades his personal space.... Funny, that.)

Next was "Brothers in Arms," which always makes me choke up for Allan's sake. The way he reacts to Tom's mistakes, the way he's ready to give up on his brother after Tom messes up a second time because this was supposed to be his "last chance," but then the gang is willing to go and save Tom and the others, and you can tell Allan's surprised and relieved at the same time. This made me think a lot about Allan and how his arc is all about second chances (and third, and fourth...) and how people who care about each other will be there even when you've done monumentally stupid things, and learning to trust people enough to be honest and vulnerable. (The scene where Djaq comforts him after Tom dies... It kills me.) And all of this is why what happens to Allan in the end makes me furious.

Oh, and there was something in the ep about a necklace and the angriest marriage proposal ever. I still maintain that Marian really did a number on Guy's head when she produced the necklace. He was so sure that she didn't have it.... And he was RIGHT. Every other suspicion he ever has about her is colored by this scene.

When the episode was over, we had a lengthy discussion about Guy's relationship with the Sheriff and how emotionally invested Guy was in getting Vasey's approval. I loved getting to hear about other people's head canons and how they approach the characters.

All in all... A good night with some really lovely, smart RH fans. But it made me wish there was a Robin Hood con something awful. I'd cross oceans to get there if there was.
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Day 14

In your own space, ask for help. Need a beta? Always wanted to learn how to make a vid? a fanmix? icons? Maybe you’d want to have someone cheering for you while you work on an upcoming big bang or fannish bingo?

Three requests for help under the cut. )
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Day 13

In your own space, share a favorite piece of original canon (a TV episode, a song, a favourite interview, a book) and explain why you love it so much.

Things I love about RH and PotC, no matter how much they hurt me. )
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Day 12

In your own space, rec at least three fanworks that you think would make a good intro into XYZ fandom. Rec a fandom overview, a introductory picspam, stories that define and shape the fandom.

Welcome to the Robin Hood Fandom, Friend! Have Some fics. )
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Day 6

In your own space, rec at least 3 fanworks you thought you wouldn't like (because they weren't your fandom or they pushed against your boundaries or you thought you just wouldn't be interested) and that you ended up loving.

One Robin Hood fic and two PotC fics. )
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Title: Again
Author: [personal profile] corrielle 
Rating: PG-13
Character: Guy
Disclaimer: Robin Hood belongs to legend, this version belongs to the BBC.
Notes: This is what happens when I watch way too many angsty Guy-centric music videos. Set during "A Dangerous Deal."
Warnings: Discussion of canon character death.

Marian, too, had been light in his arms... )

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Title: A Measure of Peace
Author: [personal profile] corrielle 
Characters: Guy and Robin
Word Count: 2,703
Disclaimer: Robin Hood belongs to legend, this version belongs to the BBC.
Notes: This is set some time between "The Enemy of My Enemy" and "Something Worth Fighting For," and it was originally conceived for the the [profile] rhsidebyside challenge.
Summary: When Guy's frequent disappearances make the gang suspicious, Robin follows him.  What he finds isn't what he expects.  

The trees cast long shadows on the forest floor... )
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We are back from our trip up to Central California and then Oregon, but before I post about THAT particular adventure, I come bearing Christmas gifts.  I somehow got the deluded idea that I was going to have lots of time to write at the end of the semester with finals and Christmas parties and shopping and trees on the way, and so I signed up for not one, but two Robin Hood Holiday fic exchanges. It was a bit hectic, but I'm so glad I did.  I ended up filling one fantastically fun prompt that I never would have dreamed of doing had it not been suggested to me, and for my "write me whatever you want" prompt, I was able to get out a scene that's been in the back of my mind the first time I saw the episode late in season 2.  The gifts have been posted for a while, but I figured I'd post links here just in case any interested parties hadn't seen them yet.

First, the entry I wrote for the [community profile] guyxmarian Secret Santa.  I would also point out that the other gifts are worth checking out as well.  They're all posted at [profile] gxm_secretsanta.

Title: A Mistaken Invitation
Author: [info]corrielle
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 9,274
Summary: The prompt explains it better than I ever could, so here it is: After their own ill-fated wedding, Guy and Marian are invited to attend the wedding of a friend. Unfortunately, this friend never heard that the Gisborne wedding was never concluded and thinks that Guy and Marian are married.

Link to the fic.

This is the first time I have ever posted fic with this rating.  I almost gave myself heart failure writing it.

And now, the entry I wrote for the [profile] lordgisborne Secret Santa. The post with a list of all the gifts is here.

Title: Before the End
Spoilers: Minor spoilers for 2x10, “Walkabout,” I suppose…
Pairing: Guy/Marian
Summary: Prince John’s troops are about to descend on Nottingham. Guy tries to take a quiet moment but finds Marian instead.
Genre: Romance
Rating: R
Word Count: 1491

Link to the fic.
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Title: Caught in the Storm
Author: [personal profile] corrielle
Word Count: 1,996
Pairing: Guy/Marian
Rating/Warnings: PG
Prompt Used: Written for the "Spring Rain" prompt at the [community profile] guyxmarian love fest.  
Additional Notes/Episode Spoilers: Takes place some time after episode 2x03.

The morning’s sun had certainly not promised such a wild and sudden downpour, or Guy would never have agreed to ride out from the castle with Marian.  )
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This weeks episode suffers from the fact that it follows on the heels of last week's really fantastic episode, making its faults more glaring.  Also, it not only suffers from "Not How I Think It Should Have Been Done" syndrome, but from "Just Plain Done Poorly" in some rather significant ways.   Don't get me wrong.  There were some fantastic moments this week, and Guy, Isabella, and Prince John are still awesome.  Even Robin managed to redeem himself in my eyes a tiny bit, but I felt like some of the character arcs were shaky and pasted together awkwardly.  

This week's dose of Isabella/Robin )

Sheriff Guy?  )

Prince John: Less camp, more brains. )

There may be a drought, but there's no shortage of fail. )


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