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And by "kind of ready" I mean that I have my summer syllabus versions mostly done, though I'm still trying to decide how to move things around so I don't kill myself or my students with the summer workload. One class runs from June 18th to July 30th, the other from the 18th to August 2nd. It's going to be wild. But it also means I'm not on unemployment this summer, so... yay!

We have continued to eat well. Rae has recently made us:

Chicken and cashew quiches
Spinach salad with currants and pine nuts (I think this was her own creation... it was really awesome.)
Cold shrimp and spinach soup (never had cold soup before... it was good. Nice and refreshing on a warm day.)
Crock pot mustard chicken. This stuff was fantastic. In fact, I'm about to go eat some of the leftovers.

And last night I pan seared some Mahi mahi with olive oil and one of tj's neat salt mixes.  (I think it was the tropical pepper one... it was delicious, in any case).

And when lunch is done... I've run out of other things to do, so I guess I should really start reading A Storm of Swords... it's sitting on my bookshelf taunting me.  I want to read it because I know there's all kinds of Lannister goodness to be had, (finding out that the very first chapter is a Jaime PoV chapter has been burning me up with curiosity) but I don't want to read it at the same time.  ASoS is kind of like There's a Monster at the End of This Book.  Except instead of Grover, it's There's a Wedding at the End of This Book. *sigh* I kind of wish I didn't know what was coming, but on the other hand, it's probably good that I do.  I can prepare myself with Kleenex and other coping supplies.
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This is mostly me rambling a lot and trying to sort out my thoughts on my beloved messed up Greyjoy before I don't see him in the books for a while.

A lot of fannish meta has been written about Theon Greyjoy.  And why not?  He's the boy torn between the Starks and the Greyjoys, the boy who doesn't belong, who makes terrible choices and brings his own destruction down on himself.  Love him (like I do) or not, he's a fascinating character.


My observations here break roughly into two categories…


Theon, the Starks, and the Concept of Loyalty )

Theon's Failed Attempt to Walk the Line Between Stark Honor and Greyjoy Ruthlessness )


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Title: So Long as the Peace is Kept
Author: [personal profile] corrielle 
Characters: Ned Stark, Theon Greyjoy
Warnings: Major character death. I cried while I wrote this.
Word Count: 1,924
Disclaimer: GoT belongs to GRRM and HBO.
Summary:  Five years after Theon comes to Winterfell, Balon Greyjoy rises in rebellion once again.  Ned Stark does what he must.

When the raven came, the words on the bit of parchment were in Robert's own hand. Ned recognized his angry scrawl... )
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I came up with these very quickly, so I'm willing (in fact, eager) to hear what other people think about these, and about characters who aren't on the list yet.

There are most likely some spoilers here... )
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There are things going on in my life that have nothing to do with this incredibly epic TV show, but... I'd rather spend my time compiling links so I can find them ever again than writing about the neighbors (still obnoxious) or my grading (still piled on the table).

Cast Interviews

This is a series of interviews that Sky (the British TV network) did with the actors about season 2. Can I just say that I really like the interviewer does these? She's quick and witty and asks good questions and has good rapport with the actors.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau: Jaime Lannister You know why this one's first. I love Jaime.  I love Nikolaj. I love Nikolaj talking about Jaime, and he says some really interesting and insightful things here when he's not making me laugh so hard I have to pause the video so I don't miss things.

Charles Dance: Tywin Lannister
 This one has a BIG spoiler in it, because he talks about how a fan came up to him and told him something he didn't already know about Tywin. I was already spoiled for it, but... it's big. Be careful. (And that poor fan... I wouldn't want to be the person who spoiled Tywin about himself. Sounds like he was pretty gracious about it, though... asked the fan for details and all...)

Alfie Allen: Theon Greyjoy In which Alfie defends Theon (he's going to need defenders...), talks about how many of the books he's read, and is generally adorable.

Michelle Fairley: Catelyn Stark Some really interesting stuff about Catelyn as a mother and her relationship with Robb here.

Emilia Clarke: Daenerys Targaryen She. Got. Maternal. Over. The. Dragon props. I love her.

Kit Harrington: Jon Snow I watched this one first, and so I remember it least.... but there's talk about CGI Ghost and being cold all the time. It's Kit... he's cute.

I'm going to talk about some fairly spoilery things from What is Dead May Never Die here. )
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So I'm collecting a massive bookmarks folder full of fun Game of Thrones links... and I thought I'd share.

A friend pointed me to the April Fool's Foxtrot Strip, which you should really click on if you're a fan of My Little Pony, Game of Thrones, or both. 

Next, we've got a really insightful episode review of 2x01 from Rolling Stone.  Well-written, and doesn't focus too much on the more titillating aspects of the show. (I think I've used the word "titillating" in serious conversations more times since I got into this fandom than I have in my WHOLE LIFE.)

And finally, I went looking for a date when A Dance With Dragons would be out in paperback, and I found an answer in this New York Times article.

Next time... my picks of the cast interviews I've collected. Because this cast is AMAZING and insightful and every time I watch them I just sit back in awe of how wonderful they are and how much they love and get their characters.
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Because the second season begins on April Fool's day, I think the showrunners should take advantage of the fortuitous timing and do a little something like this for the beginning of 2x01:

Fade in: Winterfell. Midday. )
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Title: A Wolf Would Not Like the Sea
Author: [info]corrielle
Game of Thrones
Word Count: 686
Characters: Theon Greyjoy, Robb Stark, and various direwolves.
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine. Not making any profit.  GoT is GGRM's and HBO's.
Summary: Theon Greyjoy doesn't want a direwolf.  Really he doesn't.

After all, why would he want a direwolf pup? He knows he's not a Stark. Honest. )

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Day 2

In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you did not create. Drop a link to your post in the comments. See if you can rec fanworks that are less likely to be praised: tiny fandoms, rare pairings, fanworks other than stories, lesser known kinks or tropes. Find fanworks that have few to no comments, or creators new to a particular fandom and maybe aren't well known or appreciated. Appreciate them.

A video and three fics. )
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So a while back, I mentioned that my love for the Starks in A Song of Ice and Fire was such that I wanted our very small half-chihuahua, half-Italian-Greyhound to have a sweater that said "My other dog is a Dire Wolf."

Well... a friend of mine with a lot of artsy-craftsy knowledge made me one.

Winter is coming, and our dog is ready.

She's fearsome, really... )
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I did two things in quick succession last night. 

First, I watched the most recent episode of Once Upon a Time. 

Second, I watched the most recent Game of Thrones season 2 trailer that was all over tumblr.

This resulted in a dream where the Lannister twins moved to Strorybrook and Jaime ran for mayor against Regina.

And... because I think way too much about these things, Rae and I have concluded the following:  while it's a little weird that it's Jaime running and not Cersei (because... you know... she COULD in this universe...) Cersei and Regina are too similar.  And Jaime would get lots of votes from men who are tired of Regina stepping on them all the time.  And he would get lots of votes from women because... well... He's charming.  (Not Charming, though.)

And now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go grade some more and resist the temptation to write a crackfic vignette where Jaime and Cersei take over Storybrook. (Because you know she'd be the power behind that throne... er.... elected office.)

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When I watched Game of Thrones for the first time while season 1 was still airing, I was firmly Team Stark. I loved Ned Stark and his tragic, terribly inconvenient sense of honor. I loved Catelyn’s strength and poise and love for her husband and her family. I loved Bran and Robb and Jon Snow, and I adored Arya. (And if I disliked Sansa, I have come to understand that it was only because she acts like many teenage girls would in her very difficult situation.)

Of course, there were other characters I genuinely liked as well, namely Tyrion Lannister, who might just be my favorite character on the whole show. Daenerys is another character who I deeply admire, and there are all sorts of other people who fell into the “despicable but wonderfully interesting” category for me, but…

Let’s just say that if I had any talent at knitting at all, my very tiny dog would have a sweater that says “My Other Dog is a Dire Wolf” above the House Stark sigil. (Someone make this please?)

But then, last Sunday, Rae and I marathoned episodes 3-10 while grading. (I’ve seen 1 and 2 enough times, and the end of 2 always makes me want to throw things at the television, so we skipped straight to 3.) And something unexpected happened. I tripped and fell onto the Lannister bandwagon. Whereas before, I thought Jaime and Cersei were awful people who just happened to be extraordinarily pretty, I can now admit that there are some shades of grey here that I’ve got to face. Cut for one very specific Episode 1 spoiler and one vague spoiler for later in the season. )

So… the inside of my brain has looked like this for the past week:

LannistersLannistersLannistersLannisters DAMN IT! I should not find them this compelling or sympathetic or gorgeous! *finds interesting Jaime/Cersei picture on tumblr* Oooh.. Pretty… LannistersLannistersLannisters…”

The fact that Jaime’s actor is so traditionally masculine and gorgeous is not helping matters. Nor is the fact that he is brilliantly insightful and interesting in interviews he gives about his character.

*sigh* So… this is my admission. I like Jaime and Cersei. They do bad things, but they do them for complicated reasons. And underneath all the arrogance and sarcasm and meanness that they put on for the world, they might just be two people who love each other a great deal, and it’s hard to condemn them for that.

Yes. I ship it. *hides*


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