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Just submitted the last of my grades for school #1. I had them take the final early this year, so even though today was technically the day that my final was scheduled, all I had them do was write letters to future students and hand back portfolios with detailed class grade sheets. They left knowing whether they got credit for the class or not (it's a pass/fail course), and I went home, recorded who showed up and wrote a letter, and was promptly able to submit their grades.

If only I'd done that for school #2... I still have eighty final in-class essays about pop culture an the media to sift through.

The letters to future students plan went well. A lot of my students were really candid. Many of them in the class with this semester's problem student said something to the tune of, "DO NOT under ANY circumstances talk while she's talking or while people are working. It's rude." I guess seeing me throw someone out of class for doing just that stuck with them. Good. On the bright side, lots of them seemed to think I was approachable and open to questions, because a bunch of them said, "Don't be scared to talk to her. She'll do whatever she can to help you understand," so that's good to hear.

At least I got a little bit of Christmas last night before diving back into the sea of finals...
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Dear Future Corri,

When students begin to hand in essays in the coming semesters, and you start feeling overwhelmed, like you can't possibly spread out the work and fit in six or seven essays each day on top of all of the other preparation you have to do and hours you have to spend in the classroom, remember this:  You just graded upwards of sixty final essay drafts in a forty-eight hour period. While still teaching and prepping for two classes. With a deadly sore throat for half the time.  If you can pull that off, you can darn well get off your rear end and grade six or seven essays in a day. Get out of bed. Don't go on tumblr, and frickin grade. It will make your life easier, and it will keep you from having to do this again.  Because while it is possible, it is not fun. And the stress of having to grade two classes of final essays in two days is probably part of the reason that your tonsils feel like they're the size of grapefruit right about now.


Your "End of Spring Semester 2012" Self
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I had a bit of a scare this week concerning my fall 2011 teaching assignment.  I teach at two different schools, and through a tremendous stroke of luck, in previous semesters I have never been offered a class at one school that conflicts with a class at the other.  This week, that all changed.  ALL of my classes conflicted with each other.  I was going to have to say no to BOTH classes at one school if I couldn't move things around.  This would have been pretty financially devastating for me, as I really depend on having both of those incomes. I freaked out for a while, bemoaned my status as a lowly adjunct, and got on the phone with my two department chairs to see what my options were. As it turns out, both of them (who are lovely human beings and good people to work with) were completely willing to rearrange my assignments.  It was like, "Oh... you can't do the classes you got offered?  Let me see what else is unstaffed...  Here's a list.  Which ones work for you?" It was ridiculously simple once I got a hold of both of them, considering all of my angst about it.  And as it turns out, I'll have a pretty sweet schedule in the fall barring unforeseen changes and class cancellations.

Now, I'm just crossing my fingers that the school where I usually teach summer session decides to have one this summer. Otherwise, come June I may find myself scrambling for a short-term job and exploring the intricacies of collecting unemployment during the summer months. 


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