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So for my birthday last Friday, we got a visit from [ profile] noirrosaleen and her wonderful husband D., who has been my friend since I was a junior in high school. It was lovely to have them come stay with us for a change! We mostly just hung around our place and went to the mall and played games and enjoyed each others' company.

For my birthday/their anniversary, we went to Buca di Beppo because [ profile] noirrosaleen had never been there before. It was a good call, because it was delicious, and the restaurant had someone wandering around taking photographs that they then offered to sell to us. Rae and I bought some because we don't have ANY framed pictures of just the two of us, and the photographer actually managed to get a really nice shot of us together.

We played a lot of Game of Things, and another friend of ours, R., also came , and when we were at the mall, D. bought me used copies of all three Dragon Age games because he's awesome about feeding my addictive personality that way. (Side note: WHY have I not been playing this since the second I got a PS3? I'm having SO much fun making decisions and getting characters to like me... And I get to run around as a hot elf.)

Other things I got for my birthday included a lovely gift set from Lush, a check from my parents, and two lovely digital gifts:

[ profile] ladykate63 made me a sparkly Guy/Marian banner with a shot from "Walkabout" (since we didn't get to watch that one at the meetup). *hugs* I love her... and the entire RH fandom.

[ profile] aletheiafelinea, who apparently saw one of my many pleas for something, anything, with Anamaria and Theodore Groves in one place... and gave me just that. She whipped up this lovely background of Groves and Anamaria. I think I almost woke up our houseguest with my squeeing when I saw this. *flails a little* Oh, my darling ship where the two people involved never appear in screen together... *looks at picture again* *grins* I love you.

Life has been pretty calm, otherwise. School #2 started today, and I had 58 people wanting two spots. Cuts to community college funding are awesome.

Also, my next post will be titled "ASoIaF Ate My Brain." Because it has. I'm about five chapters into ACOK, and I'm already in a constant state of low-level panic on behalf of everyone I care about.


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