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I'm going to rant about the ACA and media now. Feel free to scroll on past. I try to stay away from posting about politics, mostly, but I'm writing this down because I want to remember. This was the day that I, a liberal, left-leaning queer woman, convinced my mother, a wonderful, compassionate, life-long Republican, that maybe, just maybe, Obamacare might not be a cause for fear and uncertainty.

Here's what happened. )
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... is a lot like watching a long-running soap opera.

A while back, I was watching the news ALL the time. I knew every time one of the Republican candidates hiccuped because that's what the cable news networks were covering.

But, as my interest in the politics of a place called Westeros shot through the roof, the ins and outs of the primary for a party I'm extremely unlikely to vote for anyway became less interesting to me, and I stopped paying as much attention.

This afternoon, I turned on the TV while I was doing some dishes, and I discovered that, much like taking a long absence from Days of our Lives, I haven't missed much. Sure, there are some little differences, but not a lot has changed. People are still asking, "Will the Republican party unite behind Romney?" "Is a long primary campaign good for Republicans? Democrats?" "Is Romney conservative enough? Too conservative?"

It's like I never left... Except now I'm remember WHY I left. You can only hear the same debates/comments so many times before it gets old.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go see if HBO has posted a new GoT season 2 character video. At least I'm guaranteed something I haven't seen before in THAT.


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