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Tonight: New Burn Notice.  I'm currently half-watching the marathon of the season up to this point on USA.  My Burn Notice love has been in hibernation, mostly because if I think about Michael and Fi too much, I WILL give myself an ulcer from the worry.  But no longer!  New episodes are BACK!

Friday: New Fringe, after a three week hiatus.  (The last game of the World Series stretched what was supposed to be a two-week break to three, and the suspense is killing me.)

Sunday: OMG THE LAST EPISODE OF THE SECOND SERIES OF DOWNTON ABBEY. It's going to be a long wait between now and Christmas... at least we have confirmation that there will be a third series.


In other fandom news, Allan Leech, who plays Tom Branson on DA, is officially on my "actors who are just as magical as the characters they play" list.  He tweets about his character, and he answers fan questions.  Rae and I came up with a good one, and she tweeted him.  And he answered her.  *flails some more* I haven't stopped grinning about that yet.

I'm also trying to figure out if I should sign up for holiday fic-exchanges.  Theres Robin Hood Discussion Board exchange, which I'd love to do because I love the people there like crazy, there's the [community profile] hoodland exchange, and there's also a Downton Abbey exchange going on over here that I'm half-tempted to sign up for.

And finally... some fic recs.

Downton (and by "Downton" I mean "Sybil/Branson")

Um... everything [profile] dizzy_whore has written?  Seriously. This girl has Sybil and Branson down, and her fics are pitch-perfect. I'm especially partial to Politics and Tea and The Road, even though that second one nearly made me cry.

Turn Back and Descend the Stair, aside from having an awesome title, is also incredibly well-written.

And Finally, one PotC rec:

[personal profile] cassiopaya has written a second chapter of her Navy-centric post-OST fic, Quarter. *flails* *cries* *hugs Theo and Andrew* <-- My reaction.  Seriously. It's amazing. Part One is Here.
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Title: Rule Seventeen
Fandom: Fringe (I know... a non-PotC or RH fic?  What happened?  Fringe ate a bit of my brain, that's what.)
Characters: Walter and Peter
Rating: Um.... PG for mild discussion of ickiness?
Word Count: 442
Disclaimer: Not mine, not making any profit.
Summary: Walter doesn't understand the rules.

Inside the house, Mrs. Dolores Kimball was still crying. )


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