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I've been watching some friends of mine on tumblr count down to the Christmas special, which is, of course, in two days, and I realized that while I'm happy for my friends who are still in the fandom... I don't feel anything. I don't care.  I thought I still cared a little bit, but I don't.  I'm going to be at my parents' house in the land of one computer with no torrent ability and no wireless signal, and if I ever do watch the Christmas episode, it'll be long after the fact and maybe after I've caught up on the rest of season 3. Or most of it. I don't think I'll be watching that episode just yet.

Now, why am I doing a whole post about not caring? Because it's strange.  It's like... there's an empty room in the bit of my soul that's fannish where all my love for Downton Abbey used to be, but it's... just a big empty room, and it's hollow and echoes if you speak too loudly. Actually, it's more like a house where you used to live, or a house you associate with good memories, but all of the furniture has been moved out, and so while it's structurally similar, everything about it on the inside has been taken out, and as you wander from room to room, if you close your eyes you can still feel the things that used to be there around you, but you know they aren't really there.  And when you open them, you're in a room with bare walls and no furniture and no people, and you feel a bit sad before you go and lock the door behind you.

Yeah. THAT is how it is when I try to muster up some caring about the Christmas special.

So you know what I'm looking forward to instead? DOCTOR WHO!  Victorians! Lesbian lizard lady and her partner! Top hats!

Also, I'm almost caught up with Vampire Diaries, so I'll be looking forward to new episodes of that wonderful drama-fest...

In non-fannish news, Rae and I had our just-us holiday celebration last night. We put out the decorations (finally) and had lamb from tj's and green bean casserole and this delicious cabbage and ramen salad, and German mulled wine from World Market.  We watched A Christmas Story while we ate, gave each other presents, and watched some TVD while we snacked on the contents of our stockings. (The World Market that just opened pretty much filled both of our stockings this year...)

Going up to the parents' house tomorrow... if I don't see people before then, I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday, whatever you celebrate!


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