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This summer, we're trying to eat more economically, which means cooking at home as often as possible.  We're both decent cooks, and we have a ton of cookbooks and adventurous spirits. 

Last night, though, was something simple.  I made crockpot beans and ham. 

Now, for me, this was a bit adventurous simply because I've never actually gone through the process of soaking beans overnight.  In my family, we always bought them canned.  Turns out it's pretty easy, though.  I just followed the directions on the 1lb. bag of pinto beans we had in the cupboard and left them soaking on the counter before I went to bed.  Then, when I woke up yesterday, I rinsed them, dumped them in the crock pot with 6 cups of water, a quart bag's worth of defrosted ham from Thanksgiving (thank you, Mom and Dad!), a whole chopped up onion, and a pinch of tomato soup base powder.  I set the crock pot on "high" for the next five hours, and put it on "low" for another hour or so, and at the end of that time, we had something pretty special.  The ham had given all of its sweet flavor to the broth and the beans, and the beans and onion were perfect and soft and well cooked.  The whole thing was just amazing, especially when we crumbled the corn bread I made from scratch over it.  I haven't felt so connected to my Oklahoman ancestors in a long time.  I can't help but thinking my grandmother would have approved.

So, first summer cooking experiment: great success.

We have lots of leftovers, and it's a good thing, too.  Come Sunday night, I'll be needing all the comfort food I can get.

(Seriously, if you see me Monday feel free to hug me without any explanation.  I promise I'll need it.)


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