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This morning, we went to brunch with a friend and his son at a local restaurant that does has a BIG St. Patrick's Day to-do (not at all high-toned or fancy, though...;). Because this is SoCal, there were Irish tacos on offer, which are basically corned beef and cabbage and veggies in a corn tortilla (delicious) as well as more traditional dishes.  They also had a live bagpipe group, which was loud but SUPER cool, and the kid with us was quite impressed. (His parents take him to the Scottish festival every year, and his dad was already wearing a kilt. It was adorable.) Too bad my stomach didn't let me eat anything but an English muffin (the irony is killing me) and some orange juice.

Feeling much better now... the "Happy St. Patrick's Day!" door hanger is out on the front door, our house smells like veggies and corned beef (thanks, Rae), and we're listening to one of our gazillion Celtic cd's.  

And for those of you wondering "just how Irish ARE you anyway?" The answer is, "probably a little, but not very." I remember being told I've got some Irish on my maternal grandmother's side, but mine was a "we're American now, so we don't talk much about it.  Here, have some more black-eyed peas and cornbread" kind of families.  Perhaps, conscientiously observing St. Pat's is, in its own way, part of my late and quiet rebellion.

And also, it's delicious.


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