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I know it's a bit late for 2012 retrospective posts, but I will always remember it as the year that....

I started reading A Song of Ice and Fire and really got into the GoT/ASoIaF fandom.

I watched Avatar: The Last Airbender for the first time and wondered why I hadn't watched it sooner.

I watched what little there was of New Amsterdam because I had a serious need for more of Nikolaj's perfect face and ended up loving it and crying over how short it was to anyone who would listen.

I watched every single episode of The Vampire Diaries in a month and a half and discovered that despite a tendency to be prejudiced against it, I love it.

Once Upon a Time went from "cute show I watch on Sundays after Downton" to "main Sunday night event complete with hot cocoa with cinnamon and sugar."

We got the first installment of The Hobbit.

Les Mis got a decent movie musical adaptation.

This is also the year that...

Downton Abbey went from being one of my favorite things on TV to a show I can barely force myself to think about watching in the space of two episodes.

Fringe turned into a very different show that I don't like nearly as much as the one I started watching. (Though I'll still catch the finale and last episodes.)

Fandoms give, and fandoms take away, I suppose.  As angry as I was at Downton, reading A Memory of Light and speculating about TVD has more than filled the Sybil/Branson sized hole it left.
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