Mar. 19th, 2014

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Note to self: Get Sleepy Hollow Icon

For the first time, I got my act together and obtained tickets for Paley Fest! Now I'm asking myself why I haven't been doing this for years. It's all the fun of a Comic Con panel with none of the waiting, a great moderator, and quality fan questions. So... actually BETTER in some ways.

The panel was held at the Dolby Theater, which turned out to be the big theater attached to the Hollywood and Highland shopping center, a place I know well from going to the El Capitan for the last 3 PotC premieres. It was a good thing I knew where I was going too, because that part of Hollywood is always a zoo in terms of getting anywhere quickly and finding parking.

The actors who came to the panel were Tom Mison (in a cardigan and JUST as adorable in person), Nicole Beharie (stunning. just stunning), Lyndie Greenwood (looking fantastic in this pale green dress that looked PERFECT on her), Orlando Jones (wearing a "Free Frank Irving" shirt. Priceless.), and John Cho. Even though I bought tickets for the second tier, all of us upstairs got moved down to the first floor, and I ended up about seven rows from the front. I was close enough that I didn't need the screen to see people's facial expressions, which was really nice.

The producers and creative team talked about the casting process and how some things (like Andy Brooks' continued involvement as a character) evolved over the course of the show, and the cast talked about working together and fan reactions and how much they all love each other... I sat there quietly fangirling like crazy.

Fun tidbits included:

Tom talking about how he rode a mechanical horse in the Midnight Ride episode.
Nicole talking about how she'd never shot a gun before.
Tom talking about googling "Shipping," and someone else... I think it was Orlando... suggesting that he google "slash." The audience lost it a bit.
Nicole being In Charge and jokingly telling Orlando to hurry up and answer already.
Lyndie talking about how fun it was to be possessed!Jenny
The person they had dressed as Headless coming in to hand the host a fan question BREAKING THE PROP AXE. I don't know was was funnier, the actual event, or Orlando Jones' inability to stop laughing.
When the host asked who the cast would want to play a Horseman, Lyndie mentioned Norman Reedus and Clint Eastwood. (Great picks.) I didn't hear who suggested Idris Elba, but that got a huge crowd reaction because it is a frickin brilliant idea.
Tom Mison snarking about how hard he worked at his deeper Ichabod voice, and how John Noble came on with his gravelly awesome voice and showed him up. (They all geeked out over John Noble... it was cute.)

The writers/producers gave up some interesting info too. For instance, they tried casting a lot of Americans as Ichabod before they cast Tom, and they started looking for a Brit because they realized that they had written Ichabod's lines with what they called a "British Cadence," and American actors sounded weird saying them. They also said they knew Tom was their guy when he had awesome chemistry with Nicole right from the start AND every female intern/assistant in the office was gravitating toward the room he was in.

Apparently, none of the creators expected the Ichabbie shipping, which is weird because even mainstream articles about the show are talking about their intense chemistry. It's not just the Ichabbie contingent (ok so that contingent is the majority of the fandom) that sees it.

I wish they had talked more about Katrina. The fan who asked the question about backstory mentioned her, and the writer who answered said that they'd be getting into a lot of people's pasts (this is when Abbie and Jenny's backstory was mentioned), but the writer who answered never said anything specific about Katrina. I think the writers know they've been all over the place with her and how grumbly their fanbase is about it, and they don't want to talk too much about her until they figure out how to fix it. It's just a feeling I get based on the fact that one of the producers mentioned reading the twitter stream and fan reactions very carefully and taking what was being said into consideration. So... maybe there's hope for Katrina to be more coherent? I sure hope so.

In terms of the future, they talked about how we're going to find out a lot more about Abbie and Jenny's past (we already knew that) and about how the Good Guys are going to get something supernatural and scary on their side that's a match for Headless... And now I'm going through a lot of different mythological creatures they haven't touched yet wondering what it is.

All in all... really fun night. I can't even describe how cute and lovely all of the actors were, and how much fun it was to just see them up there joking with each other and being the amazing people they are. I am defintely going to try and get tickets for a couple of Paley Fest panels next year, and I'm seriously considering trying to find tickets to the one for TVD/The Originals on Saturday. If only because I have burning questions about Rebekah.


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