Mar. 14th, 2011

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Today, I present my thoughts on the high fantasy Rai-kirah Trilogy by Carol Berg.

3. Transformation 

I have been aware of these books for quite some time now, mostly because they were supposedly so filled with slashy subtext that they had certain varieties of fangirls salivating madly over them.  Now that I’ve read them, I see where the reputation comes from.

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4. Revelation 

This is the second book in the trilogy that began with Transformation, and though it suffers somewhat from "middle book" syndrome, it is still interesting enough.  It's the book where everything that Seyonne thought he knew about the rai-kirah (the demons) and his people's purpose turns out to be… not false, exactly, but much more complicated than he ever thought it could be.

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5. Restoration

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It had its faults, but I'm not sorry I read the series.  It was an interesting take on a lot of fantasy tropes, like the godlike power vs. human emotion tug-of-war Seyonne goes through, the "dark forgotten evil trapped, then rediscovered" plot, and the "people from completely different cultures who should hate each other end up being best friends forever" plot… let's not forget that one. Seriously.  I think it's an important lesson that fantasy novels have been quietly sharing with the world ever since Legolas and Gimli stopped arguing and agreed that caves/trees might not be all that bad.


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